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In Switzerland, students determine their career path at the tender age of 15. Stable owners, David Fritsche and Silvan Kraemer, confidently chose cooking and have never looked back. They’ve since trained and cooked in some of the finest restaurants in the world, including stints in the Middle East and Ireland, where they expanded their culinary talents and stacked up a vast collection of prestigious accolades and achievements.

They always dreamed of opening a restaurant together, but weren’t exactly sure what the restaurant of their dreams would look like. After living in the States for over 8 years and getting accustomed to the American way of life, they discovered that the U.S and Switzerland share a very special international trade partnership. The U.S. imports vast amounts of Swiss chocolate and cheese each year while Switzerland just can’t get enough U.S. beef. Thus, their restaurant concept was born with the goal of fusing Swiss and American cuisines and enrich the palates of all who wander into their Stable.


General Manager

Some of Silvan’s most cherished memories were formed at his family’s dining table in Switzerland, where it was less about food, and more about togetherness. But at the age of 12 he took his first cooking class, and a broader view of hospitality bloomed.

As he began working in kitchens, he was alarmed by the tension that exists between servers and chefs. Instead of accepting this as the way things are, he sought to understand this struggling relationship and make it better. He hopped on the wait staff at a nearby resort and gained the valuable perspective he needed, learning that the only way to run a successful restaurant is to foster a sense of teamwork and partnership among servers and cooks.

Though hired as Chef de Cuisine at the venerable Essex House in NYC, he got a crash course in managing the staff there as well, and after three years, landed in D.C. as Dupont Circle Hotel’s Director of Food and Beverage. Chef Kraemer’s understanding of the complexities of a well-balanced and handcrafted cocktail has consistently placed Bar Dupont on TripAdvisor’s “Top 10 Bars of Washington, D.C. “

At Stable, Silvan has harnessed his gift for exceptional service and staff management. “Good food alone is not going to be successful,” he says. “Ideally, when the whole team is as sharp as it should be, the front of the house operates like the kitchen.” Fortunately for Silvan, Stable’s food is just as good as its service.


Executive Chef

David’s story starts well before most trained chefs, as a young boy in his grandmother’s hotel in the Swiss Alps. There, he helped prepare simple dishes and salads, but more importantly, sharpened his keen sense for unrivaled hospitality. His childhood in the Alps paved the way for a career in some of the finest hotels in the world. From the Grand Hotel Quellenhof in Bad Ragaz to Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai to the Kingsley Hotel in Cork, Ireland, Chef Fritsche leaned in to every challenge, continually refining his craft and ensuring the success of each establishment.

In the States, he conquered the Big Apple as Senior Sous Chef at The Essex House before taking on the same role at The Dupont Circle Hotel in D.C., where he was appointed Executive Chef after just one year.

“...if you are unable to prepare it yourself, it’s not good enough for our guest.”

Sourcing the best ingredients and buying local whenever possible is always Chef Fritsche’s top priority. “Fresh is the best,” he says, “and if you are unable to prepare it yourself, it’s not good enough for our guest!” Never one to stop moving, nothing excites him more than the seasonal change of menus, because, let’s face it, three months of cooking the same dishes is long enough!


Chef David Fritsche

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Silvan Kraemer

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